We believe in creating apparel and accessories in a responsible way, keeping our environment in mind in everything we do. As a result, we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint.

We also believe in slow fashion movement. This is designing classic and timeless pieces to be worn over passing trends and to stay in your wardrobe for a long lasting time and worn for many seasons. All produced in small scale using sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials

We responsibly source sustainable, organic or eco-friendly materials for our collections.

Recycled Polyester

All our polyester is recycled. Conventional polyester is mostly made from the un-renewable and already globally limited crude oil. Recycled Polyester comes from PET bottles that are collected and remade into new polyester fibers, yarn and finally new fabric.

Organic Cotton

We work with certified organic cotton. The organic cotton saves on water and harsh chemicals fertilizers and pesticides compared to conventional cotton and are healthier for both the surrounding local nature as well as all people during the production chain and the end user.


Our leather straps are made from certified chrome-free and vegetable tanned Swedish hides. Made from the best available raw material, the leather is tanned with tannic acid from vegetable sources such as oak and mimosa bark, a sustainable method that has been used for thousands of years. This leaves the leather with a natural surface that age beautifully with a patina that develops with use over time.

Natural rubber

Our yoga mats are made from natural tree rubber, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Free from PVC, latex, silicone, toxic glue and phthalates. 

Eco-friendly packaging

All details matter to us. The choice of materials does not only apply to the main fabrics, but also all the labeling and packing of a product. For our packaging, hangtags, envelopes and letter papers we strive to use only recycled and eco-friendly paper, all from sustainable forestry. We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, which means the material has been delivered from unthreatened and responsible forestry and plantations.

Our hangtags are made of 100% recycled paper with strings made of organic cotton.

We use recycled and 100% biodegradable plastic bags, which is a more sustainable choice and does not have the same dangerous impact on environment and people.


It is important to us to use an environmentally sustainable logistics solution for transporting our products. We take our responsibility for the environmental footprint from transports and logistics-related activities. We climate compensate for our transports with a DHL’s GoGreen program (International ISO14001 certification).

What you buy matters

To minimize the environmental impact is important. We work actively to reduce each product’s environmental impact and believe that working sustainably, and with high quality and great design, fosters durability.

We do so by working with sustainable materials, methods and logistics we create products to be worn over many seasons. And by choosing sustainably produced products you do too.

The total lifetime of a product have a large impact on the environment so it is important to take care of your garment. Taking care of your garment in a sustainable way can make them last longer. Read more at our care section.

Thank you for believing in what we do.